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Comments (2)

Stella Wanja

Stella Wanja

Looking at this art work, there stands a woman with her nibble up and there is another mouth that is wide open that is intending to lick the nibble. The artist has done cropping on this image and the parts that are visible are the face and the nibble. The color used in this image helps the viewer to get the whole picture of how the two people are feeling. The background used in this art print is transparent a design that is making this image to be more visible. The artist is using a nibble to symbolize itís important since its holds a lot of significance in women.

Ashley Grimes

Ashley Grimes

It always feels good placing the nipples in the mouth. It's an enjoyable feeling and that is what is about to happen in this picture. I can imagine the model waiting and expecting it to happen. The wait and anticipation is usually extreme and in every case, the wait is always worth it. This picture is very erotic and even more fetishist in nature. The choice of colors is brilliant too and I really do like it.

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